What SnoreMate Users Are Saying...

I have been using SnoreMate for over 4 years and have been completely satisfied. I tried everything else, the nose ring, chin strap, breath right strips, vitamins to no avail. Actually, no help what so ever. The SnoreMate fitting was no problem and I started enyoying the benefits, or should I say my wife has enjoyed the benefits of a quiet nights sleep right away on the first nights use. I recently returned from an all guy fishing trip. What a "snore fest" for all but me. I lost mine on that trip and my wife won't let me in the house without it. Please rush the replacement. Thank you!

Kent Brown, California, USA

I am a very heavy snorer and have over the years sought all types of remedies including surgery to try to improve the situation for both me and my family.
Snoremate, which I started to use 18 months ago has significantly reduced my snoring and also improved my well being, as I wake up more rested now than I did before using Snoremate. Snoremate is very easy to fit and use. Thanks, Mercia, Snoremate has made a difference in my life.

Alan, Durban, South Africa

I've been using this thing for about a year now, and it occurred to me that I really need to review this, because it changed my life. I have sleep apnea because my jaw is out of alignment. It pops back and then closes off my airway at night. If your airway closes off when you do the "jaw test", this will solve that. I tour in a band, and my poor bandmates hated sleeping in the same room with me because I would stop breathing and it would freak them out. One of them suggested the Snore Mate, and I looked it up and thought, "Eh... I'll try it someday" skeptical if it would work. I waited a YEAR until I finally tried it. I seriously wish I had tried it sooner... I was exhausted all the time. I had no energy, and no will. The first night that I finally got it, it was a little hard to get used to, but when I layed down and closed my eyes, the first thing I noticed is that I didn't fall asleep right away. What I mean by that was, I could feel my mind actually WINDING DOWN, rather than just passing out from exhaustion. Then my body almost freaked out as it relaxed deeper and deeper... like it was shocked and confused it was actually getting air for a change. Lots of muscle twitches as they finally surrendered and let go of the tension. Then it felt like my mind started de-fragging itself... random emotions and memories I hadn't thought about for YEARS popped up. The next morning, I woke up and felt... STILL. Stillness. Peace of mind. Like my brain had finally had a chance to clear all the buffers. I felt like a million bucks. I felt motivated. I was joking and laughing like hadn't in years. Everyone reports that I don't snore much if at all anymore. Now, I'm an objective man, and I'm not going to say this thing is perfect. Here are my issues with it... -It took me a few tries to get the shape right. First time I did it, my jaw was too far forward and it hurt a little. -If your nose is stuffed up, you will not be able to breathe, so having a cold sucks. I use nasal strips and sometimes nose spray to keep clear and open. -When I wake up in the morning, my teeth are a little sore. It's not bad... as a matter of fact, if my teeth are sore, I know that I got a good nights rest. I am worried, however, that it might slowly be moving my teeth out of place, like the opposite of wearing a retainer at night after braces. -It's very slobbery when you take it out. -It loses it's shape after a few months. Be sure to order 2 of them. -I rinse it off in the mornings, and one time left the case open to dry. I've had TWO of them chewed up by a dog because of this. Keep them away from dogs. Once again, be sure to order 2 of them. -BIGGEST ISSUE: Your saliva makes your teeth slippery, and it can slide off your teeth while you are sleeping. I have to sleep on my side and find the right thickness of pillow to get the right amount of pressure on the side of my face so that my mouth stays closed. Sometimes I take a rolled up t-shirt and place it under my chin to create enough pressure to keep my mouth shut. This is the ONLY way I am able to sleep on my back (Otherwise is slides off). I'm curious if anyone else has issues sleeping on their back. If you sleep with your head propped up, it's a non issue. All those said, I'm still sleeping, and I will gladly put up with those things to be able to feel better after 6 hours of sleep than I used to after 12 hours. It does what I needed it to do. Thank you, Snore Mate. NO SERIOUSLY. THANK YOU.

Joshua Key , USA

My wife "had" a snoring problem.... me. I was driving her crazy with the bizzare snoring. I tried other things such as homeopathic remedies, etc. She bought me a snoremate and I snore no more. It really works! My wife no longer has a snoring "problem".

Allen, Colbert, WA, USA

Without a doubt, snoring is a pain in the neck (and sleep pattern!) I have been a snorer for many many years. It also leads to a dry mouth and much slurping of water at 3am. As my snoring is caused by vibration of the soft palate, the SNOREMATE has become my best mate. By gently holding my lower jaw forward, I am not physically able to snore. It has been a Godsend. The whole family is sleeping better. It also means when we go on holidays and share a room with the kids, they get a full nights sleep and wake bright as a button. SNOREMATE is awesome!

Virginia, Wahroonga, NSW, Australia

I just want to say "Thank You" for your wonderful product. My wife had a terrible snoring problem. Unknown to me, she had written to your company with her story about her snoring. She received her free sample of SnoreMate. After only one night I asked her what she had done. Her snoring had disapeared!! Then she showed me her new SnorMate. She says it is very comfortable and she had no trouble fitting it to her mouth. It sure is nice being able to sleep, in silence again. We are both very happy with your product. I hope other people, in our situation, read this and get a SnoreMate for themselves. Again...thank you for a peaceful nights sleep.

Earle, USA

After years of trying many alternative anti-snoring devices, as well as nasal surgery and a uvulectomy, the Snoremate has been nearly 95% effective in eliminating my snoring. I have used it for approximately 2-3 months. I think I have only woke my wife up on two seperate times. This was just because the Snoremate mouthpiece fell out of my mouth. As soon as I placed it back into my mouth it was back to a sound silent night of sleep for both me and my wife.

My wife is a very light sleeper and I "was" a very heavy snorer. It was so bad that I opted to sleep on another level of our house so that my wife could get a good night sleep. I really missed sleeping next to her. Now that I am regularly using the Snoremate I can once again sleep next to my wife. I often ask her if she noticed me snoring. She is amazed as I am how effective the snoremate works. For me, I would definitely say the snoremate is 100% effective.

I would definitely recommend the Snoremate to everyone. I also noticed that I breathe much better at night because I am breathing through my nose, resulting in a much more sound sleep. If I could, I would be a international spokesman for the snoremate. It is that amazing.

The only thing that I would want to share is making sure that all new users give the product and their mouth time to get used to using it. The first couple of nights there is some awkwardness, but not pain. You also do feel your teeth in the morning. It is not a pain, but more of a slight feeling of pressure. You quickly get adjusted to this. For me by day 3, I didn't even notice it.

I am definitely sold on the Snoremate! I can't stress that enough. In my life, it is a miracle.

Scott , USA

I have done alot of research on sleep apnea and the treatment options. Treatment can run upwards of $1,000.00 if non surgical, most insurance will not cover. Having a stroke or heart attack was not an option. Thank you snore mate for such an affordable product. I ran across many simular products, but not at this price. I'm not worried about more serious health risk any more. My husband and I can finally sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested!

Susan, USA

I've been using a CPAP for 1 and 1/2 years with nasal pillows instead of a full mask. My problem is that I tend to sleep with my mouth open. I've been using a chin strap but it's very uncomfortable. I heard about Snoremate and received mine two days ago. I've used it two nights now along with the CPAP and it's been great. The mouthpiece keeps my mouth shut eliminating the need for the chin strap. Only took one night to get used to the new feeling. Hope it continues to work as well.

Paul, USA

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and the doctor insisted a cpap machine was necessary. He dismissed and actually refused me any alternate treatment. For me the cpap was a non-solution since it was so disruptive to my sleep at the sleep clinic. Surfing the Internet and grasping for straws, I tried the Snoremate and have been using them for over a year now. Snoremate has stopped my snoring and my wife reports no sleep apnea episodes. Thank you for an easy to use and reasonably priced product that has worked well for me.

Lawrence, USA

On my worst nights I would wake up in the morning & my soft palate would be hanging in the back of my throat. It was very uncomfortable and raw. The rest of the time I am told that I sounded like a freight train. I bought the SnoreMate in October of ’08. The positive effect was immediate. No more snoring at all!!! I Love this product and have given three SnoreMate’s to friends and family. Everyone has had the same incredible results. I continue to recommend SnoreMate to everyone who has mentioned a snoring problem to me and they have all called to tell me how much they and their spouses love the results. This product is an A+, one of the most effective products that I have ever purchased, it changed my life.

Cathy, USA

I have been using Snore Mate since 2008. Having tried numerous products and therapies since 1999, including: nasal strips of various size and adherence factors, numerous sprays, pills, extensive somnoplastic reconstructive surgery in 2000 and subsequent RF ablation (patatal stiffening) on multiple occasions thereafter. All had moderate to minimal effect. I found the most effective solution to be Snore Mate. I would and do recommend Snore Mate to anyone suffering from sleep loss, sleep apnea, daytime fatigue and disruption of your bed partner. This is my testimonial, based on my own experiences as a client and not my professional recommendation, as I am not a physician.

J. Madgan, USA

I've been a snorer for as long as I can remember. I have tried nose strips, throat sprays, and even all natural oils to help me stop snoring. Absolutely none of them worked. I have been using the Snormate for about 2 years now, and my snoring is virtually gone. Not only is my wife relieved, I feel well rested since I don't wake myself up anymore from snoring.

Ken, IL, USA

My snoring was a major sense of tension in our house but no longer. I love it when my husbands says "I can't even tell when you fell asleep" Thanks SnoreMate for a product that really works. I"ve told everybody how easy it is to "stop" snoring.

Jessica, USA

My experience of Snoremate is simple. I am no longer heading for a divorce. My ribs no longer are bruised and sore first thing in the morning. My wife is happier with my snoremater than I am and will notlet me go to sleep without it. I found snoremate on a web search about four years ago and have had few nights without remembering to wear it since. On the occasions when I forgot, I awoke with a sore throat from the snoring i must have been doing. It is easy to adapt my breathing. When I first put it in i sometimes have trouble breathing through my nose but thie is overcome by clearing my nose and slowly breathing for a few minutes.


I had sleep studies which revealed moderate snoring.. Alas.. not me I thought but this was confirmed over and over again by my partner! I purchased a snoremate and each night I use it my partner says I am silent so to prove this I has sleep studies done again and the result is absolutely remarkable! Thanks so much.

Jeanette, South Africa

I did receive the device and it is working quite well thank you!!!

Tanya, USA

Thank you for the prompt delivery of this item. Product works very well and everyone can now sleep peacefully.

Ina, USA

I received my SnoreMate yesterday and tried it last night. It worked very well!!

Bob, USA

Got here yesterday and my wife said it worked great last night. Thanks a lot for your help.

Jim, USA

Thank you, I am sleeping better already and have ordered two more.

Annabel, USA

My SnoreMate arrived yesterday and the fitting was very easy. My wife said my snoring was much reduced. Thanks!

Pat, USA

The item was received and it is a wonderful product – thank you!

Doralee, USA

Thank you for your prompt attention to my order. I plan to use your product with my patients in future.

Dr Wayne, PA, USA

It`s been close on 2 weeks now that I`ve been using your mouthpiece..........forget about my wife now having peaceful sleep..... I am!

Colin, South Africa

Thank you for a great product, my wife thanks you also. I have tried for years and spent a lot of money to quit snoring. I wish I had found your product first. I will certainly recommend SnoreMate to anyone who has the same problem.

Larry, NH, USA

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