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Millions of individuals around the world battle to stop snoring every day and scour the internet and printed media for snoring treatments that work. Although there have been various methods and devices over the years that promised results, these all too often proved futile. If you suffer from a debilitating snoring problem that complicates your life, as well as that of your partner and family, you will realise the desperation with which these individuals search for a cure. SnoreMate has proven to be effective in eradicating snoring in a high percentage of users.

SnoreMate could very well be the answer to your sleeping problems and the resultant loss of quality of life. Invest in our snoring treatment device today and stop snoring once and for all.

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Louder than a jet plane

Grandmother-of-four Jenny Chapman has been diagnosed with one of Britain's loudest snores and is noisier than a jet plane. Mrs Chapman, 60, snores every night at a window-rattling 111.6 decibels - eight decibels louder than the roar of a low-flying jet - much to the dismay of her long-suffering husband ...

IOL - 27 Nov 2009 | Read Article