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Millions of individuals around the world battle to stop snoring every day and scour the internet and printed media for snoring treatments that work. Although there have been various methods and devices over the years that promised results, these all too often proved futile. If you suffer from a debilitating snoring problem that complicates your life, as well as that of your partner and family, you will realise the desperation with which these individuals search for a cure. SnoreMate has proven to be effective in eradicating snoring in a high percentage of users.

SnoreMate could very well be the answer to your sleeping problems and the resultant loss of quality of life. Invest in our snoring treatment device today and stop snoring once and for all.

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A Snoring Mouthpiece

Of the near endless list of snoring cures presented over the centuries, just a handful of solutions have gained any real popularity. This is because they were either more effective or weren’t completely ridiculous. Snoring mouthpieces have emerged as a more common remedy for mild to serious snoring problems. This ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Simple Home Snoring Solutions

There is a growing prevalence of snoring with serious implications on your health and can impact you and your bed mate’s sleeping patterns. In which case, you should look for effective snoring solutions or perhaps even formal medical treatment. But often light snoring problems are just the result of slight ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Snoring Devices

When researching a snoring device, you will likely be confronted with a litany of snake-oil cures. Sifting through them and separating the effective solutions from the duds, could end up being exhausting enough to actually cause a snoring problem. There are some “anti-snore” devices which have gained more prominence than ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Sleep Apnea

It’s a medical condition that’s prevalence is growing. People don’t realise how serious sleep apnea is, particularly Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The condition causes people to stop breathing or breathe significantly less for periods of time, while sleeping. Apnea (the suspension of breathing) can occur between 5 and 30 time ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Tips to Prevent Snoring

While Sleep Apnea and severe snoring issues often require some type of medical device or even more invasive measures, sometimes lighter snoring problems just require a slight change in your lifestyle. Below we explore some tips you can use to try and curb your snoring issues. None of them are ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Why You Sould Find Your Cure for Snoring

It would be better to preface this article with the fact that there is no cure for snoring. In the sense that there is no permanent solution which is guaranteed to work. This is because snoring is often caused by a myriad of factors. The best cure you can achieve ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Causes of Snoring

It’s a condition that’s more widespread than most, with a prevalence of almost 50% in some demographics. While it certainly isn’t a life threatening condition, it can certainly affect those around you and slowly impact your health. Given this, many still aren’t aware of the more common causes of snoring. ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Anti Snoring Surgeries

Anti snoring surgery is never something that should be undertaken lightly, even when it’s done out of medical necessity. General anaesthetic is a big shock for the human body and can carry dangers of cardiovascular complications. Even if it’s a local anaesthetic, the surgery will permanently alter your body. Before ...

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012 | Read Article

Doctors Comment on Sleep Apnea

More and more medical professionals are addressing the issue of sleep apnea and the revitalising effects that treatments like mandibular advancement devices can have on improving the quality of life of sufferers. Although not all snoring is caused by sleep apnea, it has become clear in recent years that more ...

Snoremate - 24 Nov 2011 | Read Article

Baby Snoring Explained

When it comes to snoring cures, you may be a little confused as to what you can do for your newborn. Some experts dub them as noisy newborns but the truth is, it is normally just something that your child will grow out of. Young babies are loud breathers in ...

Snoremate - 11 Oct 2011 | Read Article