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Why You Sould Find Your Cure for Snoring

It would be better to preface this article with the fact that there is no cure for snoring. In the sense that there is no permanent solution which is guaranteed to work.

This is because snoring is often caused by a myriad of factors. The best cure you can achieve is to review the best treatments out there and find the one that both curbs your snoring the most and doesn’t impact your lifestyle too negatively.

Many think that snoring is just a harmless annoyance. But if your partner or, perhaps even housemate, tells you that your snoring problem is increasing in severity, you may want to look for an effective solution for your snoring. As it may be impacting your health and the health of those around you.

Snoring Can Harm Your Health

Cures for snoring are important as very pronounced snoring problems may even indicate you have the very serious condition Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This condition causes your breathing passages to collapse of become blocked during sleep, reducing or sometimes completely stopping your breathing. As you can imagine, this can even be life-threatening and there is no sound cure.

For snoring on this level you will need some kind of medical device, such as a snoring mouthpiece or, in more serious cases, A CPAP machine. Sleep apnea and severe snoring have even been linked to cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, angina pectoris and heart arrhythmias. Some scientists have even asserted that it can be a risk factor for Type II Diabetes, due to increased blood pressure.

Snoring Can Harm the Health of Those around You

Psychologically, snoring affects the bed partner a lot more than the actual snorer. A patient won’t keep themselves awake with their snoring so they may not be compelled to cure their snoring. The bed partner will experience more disturbances in their sleep, affecting REM cycles and impacting mental recovery and development.

Besides relationship tension, this can lead to psychological problems such as depression, severe drowsiness and general cognitive impairment. From a physical perspective it can lead to medical conditions like increased blood pressure or hormone level fluctuations.

In Conclusion

Just because there are no proven known snoring cures for snoring, doesn’t mean you should just ignore the problem. There are treatments, surgeries and simple but effective medical devices out there that and, although they won’t completely cure you, they can greatly improve your lifestyle and general health. You just need to find one that works for you.

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012