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A Snoring Mouthpiece

Of the near endless list of snoring cures presented over the centuries, just a handful of solutions have gained any real popularity. This is because they were either more effective or weren’t completely ridiculous.

Snoring mouthpieces have emerged as a more common remedy for mild to serious snoring problems. This is mainly due to their ease of use and general durability.

Why Choose a Snoring Mouth Guard?

• It’s cheaper than other daily treatments, such as nasal strips and snoring medication, in the long-term.
• It only needs to be replaced annually as opposed to daily.
• You eliminate the risk of being caught without access to supplies when away from home.
• A Snore Guard is highly portable.
• As it physically opens your airways, as opposed to other devices which only tackle certain snoring factors, it has a higher success rate.
• It doesn’t adversely disturb your sleeping position like a CPAP machine or chin strap.
• It works immediately.
• Depending on the depth of your sleep, it’s regarded as non-invasive.
• Other oral benefits can come from wearing a snoring mouthpiece, such as reduced impact from teeth-grinding during sleep (bruxism), which has been linked to sleep apnea.

Why Mouthpieces Work

Snoring mouthpieces are very much different from regular oral guards. After moulding the guard specifically to your teeth and jaw, they function by lightly forcing your lower jaw a bit forward.

It’s not that physically noticeable but this small shift allows for a better flow of air when you’re sleeping, drastically reducing the chances of air vibrating the soft-palate and uvula.

The product also helps with the serious medical condition: Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The device positions the jaw so it doesn’t fall back and collapse the breathing passages. It can be a less invasive and robust solution than the CPAP machine, if your sleeping issues aren’t limited to the fact that you snore.

Possible Mouthpiece Issues

There have been some patients who described some difficulty with the snoring mouthpiece. This is mainly due to personal preference or the fact that their sleep apnea is a bit too serious to be properly treated by anything but a CPAP or surgery. Some issues may include:

• Some people describe them as uncomfortable initially but this complaint typically goes away after a few days. Once the patient becomes accustomed to the guard.
• Has been known to produce extra saliva until the user become more accustomed to it.
• Mouthpieces may need to be readjusted more often in the first year as the jaw adjusts more radically during this period.
• It’s not a cure, it’s a treatment.

The snoring mouthpiece is a popular solution to stop snoring, but it may not be for everyone. As a remedy though, it doesn’t require a huge financial commitment and has much higher success rates than other treatments. So it should be a pretty early stop on your road to an effective snoring solution.

SnoreMate - 18 Oct 2012