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Snoring Animals

If you are already living with a partner who is in dire need of a snoring cure and want to get yourself a pet to discuss your frustrations with, then this article is for you. You may come across tons of snoring information for your partner, and there are options out there for them to cure their problem, but there are also a number of animals out there who are snoring, and some almost as loudly. If your evenings are already torturous when it comes to snoring, then maybe it would be best to avoid the following pets.

• Dogs:
There are many reports all over the internet which have owners either uploading videos or just talking about the snoring problems that their animals have. Reports suggest that dogs with "flatter" faces are more prone to snoring as their sinus passages are not natural. It can be cute to some but it would be added frustration if your dog sleeps at the foot of your bed. Bulldogs are renowned for their intense snoring abilities.

• Cats:
Luckily cats are nocturnal so they won't be doing a duet with your partner in the early hours of the morning. The only problem is, just when you have got through the night and can look forward to a peaceful afternoon, your cat's nap could reawaken the nightmare.

• Ducks:
A YouTube video has caught a tiny duckling enjoying some peaceful slumber while snoring. The tiny yellow bird gives off a sound similar to a door creaking, and although it is adorable, it may just push you over the edge.

• Avoid safaris and farms:
There are reports out there that list alleged snoring from a number of wild animals including lions, elephants, tigers, leopards and even buffalo. Farmyards aren’t safe either with cows, sheep and pigs also having been caught snoring on occasion.

Alternatively, you could try Snoremate's trusted snoring cure for you partner, and see animal snoring as a cute extra.

Snoremate - 11 Oct 2011