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DIY Snoring Cures

Anti-snoring solutions are easily available so there is no need for you or your partner to suffer anymore. If you possess a vicious midnight growl, then it is possible that your partner is also affected by your condition. Of course, if you snore regularly and loudly, it is worth consulting your doctor to see if this is a medical condition such as sleep apnea. Should you not be suffering from this kind of condition, but still chop wood on a nightly basis, then there are some remedies that you could try at home.

• Extra cushioning:
Adding an extra pillow to lift your head can reduce snoring. The reason for this is that it opens the airway and prevents the muscles at the back of your throat from closing, which in turn can result in snoring being reduced. Raising the head of your bed can also prove to be effective.

• The tennis ball technique:
This requires some sewing skills, your sleeping shirt and a tennis ball. The easiest way to do this is to remove a pocket from an old shirt and sew it to the back of your current sleeping gear. It needs to be positioned in the centre (middle of the back), as it will prompt you to turn to your side without disrupting your sleep. Should you suffer from positional snoring (snoring while on your back), then this can be effective.

• Clear the airways:
If you have a cold or suffer from sinus problems, then a humidifier could be a decent solution for your temporary snoring problem. If you run it through the night while you are sleeping, it encourages your sinuses to drain and will improve the airflow, resulting in less snoring while you are ill.

• Anti-snoring mouthpiece:
These have become one of the most effective options, offering a 90 percent success rate at reducing the noise of snoring. These work by gently pushing the bottom of your jaw out, which widens the airway to prevent snoring. People around the world have significantly improved their sleeping experience.

Should you suffer from snoring, or are struggling to sleep due to your partner's constant growling, contact SnoreMate today to find out more about our anti-snoring solution.

Snoremate - 22 Jul 2011