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Top five causes of snoring

When it comes to snoring causes, causal theories and home remedies are a dime a dozen. There are as many old wives’ tales out there as there are solid facts, and it is easy to get wrapped up in a bunch of pseudo-scientific articles that will have you believe that the snoring solution you have been looking for is the powdered horn of the African dung beetle or some such drivel.

So, here are some solid facts on the causes of snoring to balance those out. The five lead causes of snoring in adults are as follows:

- Obesity:
Extra fat in the throat area can lead to snoring and you don’t have to be super fat for this to be true either. Even just a little extra weight around the neck can cause your airway to narrow while you sleep, resulting in snoring.
- Sleeping position:
Individuals who are prone to snoring should refrain from sleeping on their backs. In this position slack muscle collapses around your throat, causing it to narrow. Your tongue can also slip back a bit, causing further breathing difficulty.
- Drinking:
Alcohol is a depressant that causes drinkers to experience a deep, REM-less sleep. In this state a person is less prone to changing position when they are uncomfortable and also very unlikely to do so when prompted by their sleeping partner.
- Allergies:
Individuals who have difficulty breathing during the day due to allergies will find that snoring is almost unavoidable at night. Breathing through your mouth is an almost certain precursor to night-time snoring.
- Smoking:
Your body does not enjoy you smoking. It wants you to quit and will keep irritating you until you do so. Snoring is one of the ways in which it will rebel until you finally stub out that last cigarette.

Now that you know what the obvious causes of your snoring affliction may be, take care to have your problem properly diagnosed and find the right snoring product for your particular situation.

Snoremate - 06 Sep 2010