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Snoring During Pregnancy

Pregnant women value their rest as much as anyone else, if not more; for their pregnancy induced bedtime habit there may be a snoring solution. In addition to the drastic and more obvious changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, many complain of snoring problems. These snoring problems are not just bothersome to your bed-mate; they may also be harmful to both mama and baby with possible deprivation of much needed oxygen.

Pregnancy snoring is due to several possible factors, most commonly caused by pregnant rhinitis which is the term used to describe nasal congestion associated with pregnancy. This could be caused by other allergies found in the home and may just be seasonal; however, the snoring should not be written-off and can be easily remedied with a snoring solution.

Another possible cause of snoring during pregnancy is the excess weight gain accumulated during the pregnancy. This is more common during the third-trimester, as this type of pregnancy snoring increases as the pregnancy progresses.

Even though categorically men snore more than women, as many as 26% of pregnant women have been reported to develop a snoring habit. We must also remember that although the women is the one who’s body is doing the work, biologically speaking, the partner may also have other increased responsibilities especially as the pregnancy carries on. Therefore a restful sleep is important to all parties in the equation and may be easily addressed and remedied.

Researchers at the Umea University Hospital in Sweden have delved into the possible link between preeclampsia (also known as toxaemia) and snoring. While researchers at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre found a link between these women with preeclampsia and their nose. Those women with preeclampsia had narrower upper airways when compared to non-pregnant women and may be said to be slightly pre-disposed to the condition of snoring during pregnancy.

The best person to consult on the causes and possible remedies to cure snoring during pregnancy is your medical doctor. Many other factors unique to your health and condition may cause snoring and should be examined thoroughly. More uncommonly there may be sleep apnea causes for the snoring; your medical professional will best be able to counsel you on how to remedy your snoring and to find a snoring solution.

Snoremate - 06 Sep 2010