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Childhood Snoring

Are you a parent of a child that snores? Looking for a snoring solution because your child has a restless sleep due to their snoring, what about any siblings that share the room? Child snoring is not as uncommon as you may think; in fact there are many developmental reasons that cause snoring.

One of the main causes for snoring in children is child obesity, being over-weight can cause snoring in any age group and is a health concern on its own. In a study published by the American College of Chest Physicians, researchers in the Italy-based study monitored 809 children, 5% of them classified as habitual snorers, 17% with occasional snoring, and the remaining 78% as children without a snoring habit at all. Similarly, 8% were defined as clinically obese, 15% as overweight, and the remaining 77% as normal weight.

It is important to address these sorts of sleep disorders at a young age as they may contribute to a growing problem that stems into adulthood. If your child is snoring due to obesity then sleep aids, such as a snoring mouth guard, may assist in getting out of this vicious cycle by promoting a healthy sleep at night to get your child well rested and back into a healthy lifestyle.

Although there has been no related link found as of yet between childhood snoring and other early childhood factors such as birth weight, research from the Pediatric Pulmonology medical journal has found that children with rhinitis (a common condition linked with allergies and sinus pressure), around tobacco smoke for their first year of life, have asthma, and/or eczema at five years of life are more likely to be snoring.

Even though adult snoring and child snoring may sound similar from the listener’s perspective their causes are generally quite different. In addition, the presence of obstructive sleep apnea in obese children was nearly two times that of normal and overweight children. Researchers agree that a snoring solution should be found for your child, promoting a healthy lifestyle while addressing the snoring simultaneously will surely improve you and your child’s rest.

Snoremate - 06 Sep 2010