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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 32 (Completed)

I started snoring many years ago, after having surgery for nasal pholups. I have tried many years to use the c pap machine that the sleep study said i needed. It is so uncomfortable to sleep with, so most night i throw it on the floor. i can't sleep on my back without the machine because i wake myself up snoring. if i sleep on my side i have hip discomfort which keeps me awake. it would be awesome to have something like the device that you have created, in hopes that i could lie any way my heart desires without waking up all night long. i would definitely be a spokes person for your company if it works like it says it will.

Thank you in advance .

Connie, USA

SnoreMate Results:
Yes I had sucess and I only use the mouthpiece now. I dont use my cpap at all. it is wonderful. I am amazed at what it does. My boyfriend is very happy to be sleeping AGAIN too. i have already passed your web site to family members and friends. Thank you so much and i would love to have ANOTHER FREE ONE FOR FUTURE USE. THANKS SO MUCH!

SnoreMate - 10 May 2010