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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 28 (Completed)

My snore is to loud that my wife usually disturbs my sleep, because she think's something wrong is happening to me or sometimes she moves to an other room to stay away from my nightly music. This happened long time ago, I had an MRI and this showed that I have a sinus congestion so I took a treatment to correct the problem. I took medicine for around 3 months and nothing changed so I decided to quit and stop the treatment. Last week my wife mentioned again about this problem and also said that this problem can cause heart problems and also sugest to find information on the internet. I followed her recommendation and I found your SnoreMate and this looks so easy to think it could help with my problem of many years. I decide to write my Story because I want to try this device an can recomend it with results on my self. I know many people with this problem and this SnoreMate can be a big solution for them. Members of my family are part of these people.
Thanks for your attention to my story.

Genaro, IL, USA

SnoreMate Resuts:
Hi, looks like it is working because I didn't hear any complain from my wife. Also this SnoreMate is helping with my cronic sinus.
The only problem I see with this piece is little big for any mouth.
I'll recomend this SnoreMate, yes for sure this help.

Thanks for making time to wrote me.

SnoreMate - 24 Mar 2010