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Things you didn’t know about snoring

Snoring cures and -solutions are a dime a dozen, and with so many people suffering from this common affliction you would think we’d know a bit more about it. We have put together a list of interesting facts and statistics that can help you to determine whether an advertised snoring solution is worth its salt:

- Of the reported 15 million snorers in the United Kingdom, nearly two-thirds are men.
- Snoring, although pretty common, is not normal and should be addressed.
- The three main lifestyle factors associated with snoring are smoking, drinking and being overweight.
- The sound produced when someone snores is the result of air turbulence in the upper airway.
- Snoring can reach levels of up to 100dB; this is the same level as that of a pneumatic drill.
- Snoring seems to be hereditary - over 70% of known snorers have family members who also snore.
- In severe cases, spouses of snorers have reported that they get as little as 3 hours’ sleep per night due to the noise disturbance. They also visit the doctor more often than their sound sleeping counterparts, thought to be due to the fact that poor quality sleep exacerbates poor health.
- Over one third of couples in which one or more persons snore report that the affliction creates tension in their relationship.
- Need to tell if you are overweight? The louder you snore, the further you need to tip back the scale.

When going through this list of facts and statistics, one thing becomes very clear - snoring is not a behaviour that should be ignored. It can be an indication of other lifestyle diseases (such as hypertension etc) and has the potential to wreak havoc with your health and that of your partner. It is recommended that you seek medical advice and invest in a snoring solution as soon as the problem begins to affect either you or your partner in any significant way.

Snoremate - 03 Jun 2010