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Snoring remedies date back to the Bronze Age

It would seem the quest to stop snoring is not only a modern one - a recent archaeological discovery has scientist believing that our primitive counterparts had their fair share of problems with this dreaded nighttime affliction.

It all began when a strangely shaped object was found on a dig. Unable to identify the object of what it was used for, the world at large remained ignorant of its significance until a picture was published in a small local paper and the shape of the object recognised by the technical director of a company that manufacturers anti-snoring devices. He compared the shape of the ancient mouthpiece with that of a contemporary model and noted how closely the shape thereof correlated.

The delighted technical director said, “I recognized the shape of the device at once because it was so similar to the anti-snoring devices that we manufacture. It was carved out of a solid piece of stone and would have been fairly uncomfortable compared with the lightweight material we use today." It is postulated that the Bronze Age device was carved from a solid piece of stone to fit the upper and lower jaws of a snoring individual. The stone artifact is now on show in a quite interesting Snoring Museum in Bodmin.

What this find proves without a doubt is that snoring is an age-old dilemma that has resulted in a variety of snoring remedies -some more effective than others. Individuals suffer from the discomfort associated with this behaviour in varying degrees and, as such, one person may find relief in a certain remedy, while another may find it completely useless. It is recommended that you consult your physician to determine the severity of the affliction before attempting to eradicate it. This will allow you to make educated decisions where treatment is concerned and ensure that you don’t purchase a product that may not make the slightest difference.

Luckily times have evolved and there is no need for those who suffer from snoring to resort to uncomfortable stone paraphernalia. Why not invest in a SnoreMate mouthpiece today and stop snoring for good?

Snoremate Mouth Guard - 03 Jun 2010