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Could a snoring solution save your relationship?

Could the quest to stop snoring save your relationship? Snorers may be the butt of many a joke, but it is important to remember that the bedfellow of the snorer suffers just as much as the snorer themselves. This has the potential to wreak havoc with even the most stable relationships and could very well destroy them.

While some spouses can carry on sleeping happily despite the noise, there are those for whom it is a major annoyance that can eventually lead to sleep deprivation and ill health. Depending on the severity of the snorer’s affliction, this can even sometimes extend to other household members. Having your sleeping pattern altered significantly is more than just inconvenient, it has the potential to cause unwanted weight gain, effect work performance and concentration, interfere with the body's ability to regulate glucose and can even lead to heart problems and a rise in blood pressure. Essentially, when your body does not get enough rest it triggers a stress response, which in the long term is associated with all kinds of health problems.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to negative emotional responses such as frustrations, anger, hostility and more. Given time to fester, these relationship hurdles can effectively lead to the breakup of the relationship unit, which may even end in divorce. On the other hand, there are those snorers who have sympathetic spouses who help them to determine the root of their problem and treat it accordingly.

Do you live with a snorer and wish to remedy the situation? You could help your partner to:

- Eat a healthier diet. Being overweight is one of the main causes of snoring and losing weight can help a lot.
- Find a more comfortable sleeping position - when sleeping on your back the chances are greater that you’ll snore.
- Cut back on the amount of alcohol they enjoy and take care to stop drinking well before bedtime.

If these simple snoring remedies do not do the trick, is it recommended that you seek medical advice and start thinking about investing in a mouthpiece that can help you to stop snoring.

Snoremate - 03 Jun 2010