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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 8

Because I'm not obese and generally feel rested after a good night's sleep, I did not realize that I snore. I recently spent a few weeks on a rehab unit in a nursing home. I was the youngest person there (age 56) and shared a room with the eldest person there. I am 56 and Esther was a very 95 yr. old. She was very hard of hearing and I could barely talk above a whisper when I was first admitted. Imagine my surprise when Esther told me after our first night together that I had snored all night long! My husband has since confirmed that indeed I do snort and choke most of the night. I cannot sleep on my back so turning me is not an option.
My speaking voice improved after speech therapy and I and Esther found each other to be good companions. She was sorry to see me get to go home sooner than she did but she wasn't sorry to lose a noisy roommate! Wish I had known sooner about this possible cure.

Dorothy, IN, USA

SnoreMate Resuts Pending - Watch this space

SnoreMate - 08 Jan 2010