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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 2 (Completed)

It is always said that men snore more often, but I have been awoken many nights by my very frustrated husband because of my snoring. He has tried earplugs to block out the sound, but he can still hear me. It's very embarrassing to have this issue each and every night. Not only am I not getting a restful night sleep, but neither is he, which leaves us both tired, cranky and extremely moody. I am willing to try anything to stop this constant sleep depriving snoring issue. I am hoping that SnoreMate will be the answer I need for both me and my husband. Thank You.

Anita, PA, USA

SnoreMate Resuts:
Absolute success!! Both me and my husband are now having completely restful nights. No more of me waking him up with my snoring and him waking me up to yell at me to stop snoring. It was definately heaven sent. When I received the snoremate, I could not wait to try it out. It took a little for my mouth to get use to it, but now it is so much a part of my night routine, I would be lost without it. It has my nights less stressful because I would feel so bad waking up my husband. I have told everyone in my family what a success it was! I had my doubts that a simple looking mouthpiece would work, but I was sure proven wrong.
Thank You so much for such a successful product!

SnoreMate - 05 Feb 2010