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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 10 (Completed)

I never snored until I became pregnant with my first child then it just continued. I have tried all the exercises and I am desperate because five years ago my husband of 11 yrs passed away. I am now finally ready to move forward in my life and have a new boyfriend. I am about to start living with him and we have never stayed the night together. I am terribly scared that my snoring will scare him. Please help me before it’s too late.

Kera, MT, USA

SnoreMate Resuts:
I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life. By you giving me the chance to try your product I now can go to sleep at night not terrified to wake my family members. I go to sleep knowing I will rest better and so will everyone else. I am so thankful there were two pieces in my package because I had a hard time forming the first one and ended up not being able to use it but had success with the second one. They are very comfortable and even with my TMJ jaw pain I had no problems it actually helped the pain along with the snoring. I look forward to using snore mate for a long time and I have referred it to many friends and family

SnoreMate - 04 Feb 2010