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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 20 (Completed)

Ok I have just met a wonderful man who fulfills all of my hopes and dreams of getting involved with a man after a 18 year marriage to an abusive man. The proplem is he is a light sleeper and i snore. I have lost 36 pounds but i still snore... He is a kind and patient man but he needs his sleep. We are tring to build a life together but I am afraid this will be the end of it. He really does not complain but i have indeed had to get up in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch. I feel worse than he does. I want to so very much get this fixed but i am a single mom with 2 boys and times are tough. So i buy what the kids need or fix this problem??

Please help for my sleepless in Iowa boyfriend and worried girlfriend.

Diane, IA, USA

SnoreMate Resuts:
Well i did have great luck with the snore mate i was truly impressed.. My boyfriend doesnt want to kick me out of bed so he can get some sleep... so thank you so very very much, you truly do have a great product and i hope that others can try it as well and have just as good of luck....
thanks so much!

SnoreMate - 24 Mar 2010