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SnoreMate Case Study: Story 15

Well for me it started when I was 18 up until now for the most part. I was getting good regular sleep but when I reached 18 i would be sleeping and I would hear this roar and it would wake me up. I was scared at first because I didn't know what to think! A nightmare, a bad dream? But after a while I realized I was snoring. Eventually I thought oh well and thought nothing more of it. Until i reached my late thirties, and it became evident to me and anyone around me. I had gotten used to it, but everybody around me, especially the women in my life were not happy with it. I remember the one that gave me the name snorebucket and another who was understanding about it. But even she would always ask me to turn over so she could sleep. Now after doing some research I realise I have sleep apnea. I know i need to treat this problem permanently.

Jeff, MD, USA

SnoreMate Resuts Pending - Watch this space

SnoreMate - 04 Feb 2010