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Winter Snores

As we approach the Christmas season, we also approach winter in the Northern Hemisphere. As it turns out, an anti snoring mouthpiece may be just the gift your loved ones needs. Research has begun to show that the environment is a contributing factor to snoring. During the onset of this season, non-snorers may find themselves engaged in the nocturnal past-time, and regular snorers stand a good chance of being sent to the couch for crossing the limits.

Why the dramatic shift? Well it’s a relatively simple explanation. Your sleeping environment actually plays a significant role in the severity of your snoring patterns. If you’ve been trying to stop snoring you may need to make some adaptations now. A humid sleeping environment will actually assist in alleviating snoring symptoms whereas dry air does quite the opposite. Dry air has the capacity to result in nasal and airway congestion, which in turn produces the vibration we know as the snoring response.

Some people have made use of a humidifier with a respectable level of result, especially those who live in arid regions where dry air is the norm. By the same token, the winter months result in increased snoring. Some people wonder why winter air is dryer, as it rains more often. The fact of the matter is that cold air doesn’t have the ability to contain as much moisture as warm air does. So even though there is rain, the air becomes exceptionally dry which also tends to result in dry skin.

This is the case with ‘Seasonal Snorers’ who have a pattern of increased snoring during these months, due to this dry air and nasal congestion. In an attempt at a snoring solution many people make use of Ionizers which emit negative ions in the air to clean it, and in some cases it has assisted in snoring alleviation. Understanding is half the battle and having read this you’re probably a little more prepared for this coming winter. In the end though, a true sign of love this season for your snoring companion may be a top quality anti snoring mouthpiece.

Snoremate - 14 Dec 2010