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Snoring Cure Tips

The issue of snoring, and snoring cures, is gaining more and more attention nowadays, and for good reason. As we moved into the age of communication, it began to come to light just how widespread the issue was, and as it turned out, it was actually rather serious. When husbands and wives complained to their friends regarding their spouses snoring issues, it used to be thought of as amusing, but that’s not as much the case anymore. Snoring is generally a symptom of a more serious underlying issue and we’re more aware of that now.

Below we have a few tips on snoring solution methods which may grant some relief. Bear in mind that if the root cause of your, or your partner’s, snoring is a more serious medical condition, then nothing but professional medical assistance will suffice.

1: Weight

Scientific research has made it clear that being overweight is a contributing factor to snoring as fatty tissues build up and constrict the airway leading to the atrocious sounds we dub – the snore. Diet and exercise have many vital health impacts and so does the resulting weight loss that they grant. A decrease or cessation of snoring is only one of them.

2: The Lay of the Land

The position that you tend to sleep in can impact the severity and regularity of your snoring problems. Generally it’s said that sleeping on your back has the side effect of producing increased snoring for several reasons. The first is the simple gravitation pressure on your neck and chest area making, breathing slightly harder. The tongue also has a tendency to fall back and block the airway somewhat, resulting in the snoring response as the air struggles through. Make an effort to sleep on your side - there are suggestions everywhere on how to go about this.

3: The pillow

Keeping your neck straight and in a flat position assists in keeping the airway open ,as the bend in the neck which occurs with a normal pillow can constrict breathing somewhat. If you need a pillow and have a snoring problem, then consider an anti snoring pillow. Alternatively elevating the head of your bed by around four inches will push your tongue and jaw forward. It’s not the most comfortable solution though and an anti snoring mouthpiece achieves the same result with much greater ease.

If these snoring cure steps have no impact then you need to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Snoremate - 14 Dec 2010