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Christmas Snoring News

As the Christmas season approaches it’s time to start considering what your loved ones need, and an anti snoring mouthpiece might be just the ticket. In the northern hemisphere winter strikes over the Christmas period, providing us with that ultimate ‘White Christmas’ experience but there’ s a downside though. If your loved one suffers from snoring, or you suffer as a result of their snoring, then the onset of winter isn’t going to help.

Wintery air doesn’t hold the same level of moisture, resulting in dry skin and also in harder breathing at night. This certainly isn’t of a threatening level, but it’s enough that the term ‘seasonal snorers’ was coined. That said, if you’re already a snorer you may have to apologise to your spouse up front or better yet, start looking for a solution to help you stop snoring.

With this in mind, a gift wrapped Snoremate device may well be cause for as much delight as the star cresting the apex of your Christmas tree. This little snoring solution is a mouth piece which moulds to the shape of your mouth itself, making it a lot more comfortable than the uninitiated might have thought. The function of it is to gently extend your lower jaw slightly. This has the ingenious effect of opening the airway to the optimal level, and has an 84 percent success rate preventing snoring.

Be well rested this festive season with an anti snoring mouthpiece from Snoremate!

Marcia - 14 Dec 2010