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Snoring Solution | Mouth Guard - A Stroke Risk

For the millions upon millions of us who suffer due to excessive nightly noises, a snoring solution is the only hope. We make fun of those who snore, yet back in bed this condition can literally mean the difference between a healthy life and one life characterised by ill health. Read further and discover more about this terrible condition.

Your bed is a battlefield, a tireless fight against noise. Or, at least it is for roughly 4% of the planet. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) is a deadly serious condition that lasts for roughly ten seconds, depriving the sleeper of oxygen. One can expect snoring of course, as well as snorting and very loud breathing. This proves to be an interruption for the sleeper and their partner. The sufferer will become depressed, highly sleepy, and prone to headaches - some will even develop a debilitating lack of concentration.

For men, the symptoms of sleep apnea have been linked to strokes. Tests have shown that even a mild case of sleep apnea can result in a stroke further down the line. Those who have a severe case of apnea are three times more likely to develop a stroke-like condition. Women are far less likely to suffer from strokes then men, as studies have shown. It has been shown that sleep apnea can add ten years to a man’s physical health age (in terms of stroke-related diseases). Other diseases related to this condition include high blood pressure.

So how can one begin to cure snoring? Mild exercise is a good start as this will reduce the risk of having a stroke. It has been shown to greatly improve the condition of men and women who estimated their average waking time due to snoring at more than two hours per week. A brisk walk means that you can still talk while you walk, so if you are out of breath to the point of being unable to speak to your friend you should take your speed down a notch. There are many other lifestyle changes that one can make: quit smoking, lose weight, have regular blood pressure tests or purchase snoring cessation devices such as SnoreMate. Take care of yourself and the snoring solution will unfold without you even realizing it.

Snoremate Snoring Solution - 28 Apr 2010