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Snoring Remedies - Snoring Q & A

Listed below are some of the questions we have found are common among those who seek a snoring solution. There may be no easy solution for your particular situation, but there is always an option. Read, learn and equip yourself in becoming ‘snore-free’.

• Are there many causes that could put me more at risk for snoring?

The simple answer is yes, and this may include hereditary conditions such as a narrow throat, overgrown adenoids or specific larynx cancers. Being highly or slightly overweight can lead to a build-up of fat inside the throat. Weak throat muscles can also lead to shallow breathing at night.

• At any point, will there be a need for me to have an operation?

This is all case dependent and if you have any physical deformities that may be causing you to snore surgery may well be an option. This includes correcting of a constricted airway, repositioning of the pallet or a realignment of the jaw.

• What changes will I have to make in order to ensure that my treatment remains effective?

You will have to make serious lifestyle changes in order to cure snoring issues once and for all. You may need to lose weight, eat better, and cut out alcohol, etc. Even keeping your head tilted upwards may help slightly. Consult a doctor for further information.

• Are there specific risks associated with snoring?

Yes. Sleep apnea is one of them and it may lead to hypertension, strokes and further heart conditions. Snoring itself is highly irritating and will wake both yourself and your partner. Irritability, loss of libido, loss of focus, sleep deprivation and many more life-altering factors can start due to snoring.

• What are the non-surgical answers for snoring control?

The answer is easy enough – pop in a snoring mouth guard from SnoreMate and banish this noisy affliction once and for all. Once the SnoreMate mouth device is in your mouth, both you and your partner will relish in the peaceful nights, enjoying restful sleeps once more. The cure for snoring is at hand with a snoring remedy that really works.

Snoremate - 28 Apr 2010