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Snoring Mouth Guard | Cure - Anti Snoring Implant

A possible snoring cure has been found that may provide relief for even the most helpless of cases. An anti-snoring implant may be the solution for individuals who find that their ailment is not alleviated by conventional snoring solutions or mouth guards. Snoring is, despite common misconceptions, a sign of life-threatening issues that should be treated as soon as possible. Sleep apnea narrows the airways; this in turn cuts off air and causes the muscles in your heart and lungs to violently contract. This will eventually lead to strain on the affected organs. In the past, one of the more effective treatments for heavy snoring has been CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure therapy). This is not as comfortable as, say, the Snormate and had led to patients discontinuing the treatment. So what is to be done?!

A new surgical procedure (an operation in fact) is now available for a fortunate few. During this operation, a sensor is implanted in the skin of the neck and connected to a minuscule electrode that is constantly in direct contact with the tongue’s main nerve (located on the underside). For power, a small generator is implanted underneath the skin of the chest.

But for all these complex operations, how does the device actually work? Electrical stimulation keeps the nerves active in the throat and these force the muscles to keep the airways constantly open. It has also been programmed to notice any changes of airway pressure events that normally signal the start of a sleep apnea episode. If this occurs, the electrodes pulse the nerve awake, activate the muscles and keep the airway open.

If you are wondering if there is any pain, then you will be happy to know that this is a pain-free device that can be switched off at any time. In fact, the device lasts up to a full decade! Post-operative studies have been positive and those who are desperately searching for a permanent medical solution may find that this is the best solution for their predicament. For everyone else, the snoring mouth guard from Snoremate is your best bet. Pop it in, and enjoy undisturbed sleep like never before.

Snoremate Snoring Solution - 28 Apr 2010