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Read about what other snoring sufferers have to say about the SnoreMate. Here you can learn how the SnoreMate mouthpiece helped aid their snoring, ease of fitting and use as well as any helpful tips they may have on using the SnoreMate. Some reviews may even offer a comparison on other snoring aids or cures.


Judy, USA

I know what it's like to live with a snorer. My former husband's snoring was so terrible I reverted to ear plugs. When that wasn't enough, I had to move to another room. His passing was painful and sad, and I don't mean to sound cruel, but it was so nice to be able to sleep in silence. Two years later I met and married Earle. We made the perfect couple... except, now I am the one keeping him awake with my snoring. It's so embarrassing. He can hear me snoring from the bedroom to the living room. That's more than 50 feet away! HELP!

Results After Using Snoremate | 21st April 2010

I just want to say "THANK YOU" for your wonderful product. My wife had a terrible snoring problem. Unknown to me, she had written to your company with her story about her snoring. She received her free sample of SnoreMate. After only one night I asked her what she had done. Her snoring had disappeared!! Then she showed me her new SnoreMate. She says it is very comfortable and she had no trouble fitting it to her mouth. It sure is nice being able to sleep in silence again. We are both very happy with your product. I hope other people in our situation read this and get a SnoreMate for themselves. Again, thank you for a peaceful night's sleep.

Chris, USA

My snoring is driving my wife crazy and I know I'm not getting the quality sleep I should for the number of hours I sleep each evening. Sometimes my own snoring wakes me up! I went to a sleep clinic at my local hospital and had tests done on my sleep patterns. They said I have mild sleep apnea. I actually stopped breathing 10 times per hour for more than 5 seconds. In addition I would stop breathing for less than 5 seconds 20-30 times per hour. I am very excited to try your SnoreMate mouthpiece, especially when compared to the CPap that is very expensive and cumbersome to use.

Results After Using Snoremate | 6th April 2010

Yes I did have success! My wife says I definitely snore way less at night. I think it also allows a sounder, better quality of sleep, not partially or fully waking up as much. In the morning you are not as tired as you otherwise would be without SnoreMate. I would definitely recommend it to anyone even with a mild snore, as the upside is much greater than the small price for the mouthpiece.

Diane, USA

Ok, I have just met a wonderful man who fulfils all my hopes and dreams of getting involved with a man after an 18 year marriage to an abusive man. The problem is he is a light sleeper and I snore. I have lost 36 pounds but I still snore... He is a kind and patient man but he needs his sleep. We are trying to build a life together but I am afraid this will be the end of it. He really does not complain but I have indeed had to get up in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch. I feel worse than he does. I want to so very much get this fixed but I am a single Mom with 2 boys and times are tough, so I buy what the kids need or fix this problem?? Please help for my sleepless boyfriend and worried girlfriend!

Results After Using Snoremate | 24th March 2010

Well I did have great luck with the SnoreMate, I was truly impressed. My boyfriend does not want to kick me out of bed so he can get some sleep.. so thank you so very, very much. You truly do have a great product and I hope others can try it as well and have the same good luck. Thanks so much!

Kera, USA

I never snored until I became pregnant with my first child and then it just continued. I have tried all the exercises and I am desperate because five years ago my husband of 11 years passed away. I am now finally ready to move forward in my life and have a new boyfriend. I am about to start living with him and we have never stayed a night together. I am terribly scared that my snoring will scare him. Please help before it is too late!

Results After Using Snoremate | 4th February 2010

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life! By you giving me the chance to try your product I now can go to sleep at night not terrified to wake up my family members. I go to sleep knowing I will rest better and so will everyone else. I am so thankful there were 2 pieces in my package because I had a problem forming the first one and not being able to use it but had success with the second one. It is very comfortable and even with my TMJ jaw pain I had no problems, it actually helped the pain along with the snoring. I look forward to using SnoreMate for a long time and have referred it to many friends and family.

Anita, USA

It is always said that men snore more often, but I have been awoken many nights by my very frustrated husband because of my snoring. He has tried ear plugs to block out the sound, but he can still hear me. It's very embarrassing to have this issue each and every night. Not only am I not getting a restful night's sleep but neither is he, which leaves us both tired, cranky and extremely moody. I am willing to try anything to stop this constant sleep depriving snoring issue. I am hoping SnoreMate will be the answer I need for both me and my husband. Thank you.

Results After Using Snoremate | 5th February 2010

Absolute success!!! Both me and my husband are now having restful nights. No more me waking him up with my snoring and him waking me up to yell at me to stop snoring. It was definitely heaven sent. When I received the SnoreMate, I could not wait to try it out. It took a little while for my mouth to get used to it, but now it is so much part of my night routine, I would be lost without it. It has made my nights less stressful because I would feel so bad waking up my husband. I have told everyone in my family what a great success it is! I had my doubts that a simple looking mouthpiece would work but I was sure proven wrong. Thank you so much for such a successful product!

Kent Brown, California, USA

I have been using SnoreMate for over 4 years and have been completely satisfied. I tried everything else, the nose ring, chin strap, breath right strips, vitamins to no avail. Actually, no help what so ever. The SnoreMate fitting was no problem and I started enyoying the benefits, or should I say my wife has enjoyed the benefits of a quiet nights sleep right away on the first nights use. I recently returned from an all guy fishing trip. What a "snore fest" for all but me. I lost mine on that trip and my wife won't let me in the house without it. Please rush the replacement. Thank you!

Chuck, USA

Since I never heard myself snore, my wife thanks SnoreMate for allowing her to get a good nights [sic] rest, night after night. I had been using the nose strips, but they were ineffective in reducing/stopping my snoring. This product does work for me and we're both pleased with the results.

Jeanette, South Africa

I had sleep studies which revealed moderate snoring.. Alas.. not me I thought but this was confirmed over and over again by my partner! I purchased a snoremate and each night I use [sic] it my partner says I am silent so to prove this I has [sic] sleep studies done again and the result is absolutely remarkable! Thanks so much.

Marilyn, USA

You are wonderful...I did not think you would send a replacement and am thrilled that you did... this works so far and I am glad to have a second as my husband is not that careful about where he puts things. Great customer service. I will recommend you and your product.

Jerry, USA

I got the SnoreMate the day after I emailed you. I have had four nights to try it. Great success!!! Three of the four nights, my wife tells me I have no snoring, none.

The one night I had a little, nothing like before and I was having severe nasal congestion from allergies which I treated. I have used nasal strips for years with some success. It appears that the SnoreMate combined with the nasal strips is the answer for me. Already I have more energy through the day and my wife is much happier.

Such a simple device, so powerful! Thanks again!

Jose, USA

I received the Snoremate package yesterday. I want to thank you very much for the amazing product that you sell because I did not snore last night and I let my wife sleep.

This is my wife's testimony:

I complain to my hubby every morning about his snoring. I tell him that 'the beavers were driving the runaway freight train again last night'. We received your amazing product and he used it the very first night. Unbelievable!! I told my hubby this morning that the freight was parked and the beavers fired. I am extremely happy to be able to sleep a full night without him snoring. I will recommend to all of the wives to purchase your awsome [sic] product 'Snoremate' for their hubbies who have a snoring problem. Thank you!

Gayle, OH, USA

My name is Gayle, and I purchased the SnoreMate for my husband. A very heavy snorer, I was unable for the last 5 years to sleep in the same room and sometimes the same house. I slept with ear plugs and would shake the bed. We purchased almost every anti-snore product out here [sic] until we discovered SnoreMate. I have recommended this product to all my friends and relatives. [sic] who have a snorer in the house. It worked so well that I purchased back-ups, because I never want to not be able to sleep in my own bed ever again. Thank you SnoreMate.

Paul, Durban, South Africa

I had expensive and painful surgery to try and cure my snoring problem and it was totally unsuccessful, I snored just as loud as I did before the operation. SnoreMate worked for me from the outset and I have been using it for about 8 years now.

James, IN, USA

Well I have to tell you that I was skeptical [sic] about SnoreMate when I read it as I have tried numerous things. Nothing seemed to work. Needless to say when I got the SnoreMate and it came faster than many things ordered online, to your credit, I put the unprocessed guard in my mouth and saw that it was designed to pull the lower jaw forward by its shape and form, Then I followed the instructions, shaping the guard to my mouth pulling my lower jaw forward as much as I could then biting it and left the tab on the first night because I wanted to make sure the first night went right. My partner said it was much better and I will tell you I put it in for a while and then took it out. The next day I took off the tab being satisfied that the fit was right and he has slept peacefully ever since. Thanks so much for a great product.

SnoreMate is a safe, easy and cost effective snoring remedy. Don't go to extremes, try SnoreMate and if it doesn't work for you, send it back for a full refund within 30 days.
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